At the heart of MilCor is a small, but talented group of professionals dedicated to providing quality services to our clients.

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The MilCor Group (MilCor) was founded in 2008 by Ms. Melissa G. Corbett, P.E., and is certified by the State of Florida as a minority, woman owned consulting engineering firm. MilCor provides civil-site, roadway, stormwater, utilities, agricultural engineering, construction inspection, and project management services. With a strong focus on cost and quality control, we continually strive to balance economic, environmental, and social responsibilities. With staff residing from Vero Beach to North Palm Beach, all project sites are readily accessible. 

We're the first to admit that we are not your typical engineering firm!

Ms. Corbett has created a positive team atmosphere at MilCor, where each team member is encouraged, accepted, and respected for his or her contributions, and where a sense of humor is always appreciated. Time off is highly encouraged, as it promotes mental health, and flexible work schedules allow staff to attend family events or take a pet to the vet for a check-up.  This positive, pet-friendly environment has led to loyal employees who actually enjoy coming to work, are motivated to work harder and perform even better.   

Our team consists of two registered professional engineers, one engineer in training, one engineering designer, two computer aided drafting technicians, one construction inspector, one permit expediter, one intern, and the office mascots - our attention-hound rescue dogs.  Nothing relieves the stress of a difficult day like a dog kiss!

Waiting on your consulting engineer to get their work done in a timely manner is unacceptable and we know that.

MilCor was founded on the principles of client satisfaction.  All of our team members are dedicated to providing quality services in a fast, efficient manner that is on-time and within budget. We are all part of the project production team; with everyone dedicated to project production, we are able to maintain a low overhead and provide great economical service.

There is no such thing as a perfect set of construction drawings - no matter how many times they are reviewed. This is as inherently true in the "paper world" as it is in the real world.

MilCor focuses on site visits and constantly compares our plans to the real work.  We frequently ask the question, "How does this project fit with and into the current site conditions?"  MilCor Team members pride themselves on their ability to work together with the client, engineer, and contractors to meet project goals.  Most proposals focus on getting the design done in a timely fashion.  Nobody ever focuses on the construction aspect.

Engineering a value-driven sustainable environment.

This is our mission statement; we also believe it is something much more important than that. Communities must continue to develop and evolve or they will stagnate.  The goal of MilCor is to aid in creating a cost effective built community that improves its natural surroundings.  We continually amend our design standard details to improve nutrient removal and create low impact value driven development.  Areas of focus are pervious pavement applications, rain gardens, alternative water supplies, recycling facilities - just to name a few. 

We believe that the key to any successful project is communication, and unfortunately most engineers simply don't know how to communicate.  Clear, effective, and frequent communication with the client, regulatory agencies, affected public and within the project team is essential to keep a project on target and meet the required goals. 

Melissa Corbett, MilCor's President, will be personally available to discuss your projects in person whenever the need arises.