One of the first tasks that Ms. Corbett completed upon founding MilCor was establishment of our Construction Budget and Schedule Policy, and a Quality Control Program.  It is belief of MilCor that the steps outlined in this Policy/Program aid in completed quality projects on-time and within budgets.  The Policy begins with: "The importance of executing the project on schedule and within the anticipated budget is paramount to any project.  In order to provide the most efficient design that addresses the project owner's needs, better serve our clients and reduce the potential for claims, it is the policy of MilCor to spend an appropriate amount of time with the project owner, listening to the goals and desires.  This is the only way to start off with a clear understanding that we are proceeding in the correct direction."  Other topics include: Responsibility, Kick-Off Meeting, Project Schedule, Construction Budget and Schedule. 

MilCor's approach aids in cost control

No matter what the actual project is, there are certain parameters for any project that must be understood prior to beginning so that budgets and schedules can be met.  That is why we like to spend a fair amount of time just listening to the client discuss their goals and dreams.  This allows us to better understand their financial and time constraints, management style, and the product they wish to create. 

Here is an example of the types of questions we would ask for a general civil-site project, such as a redevelopment project:

  • Any site concerns such as standing water or flooding?
  • Largest vehicle accessing the site?
  • Security issues?
  • Pedestrian facilities?
  • Environmental concerns?
  • Impacts to existing facilities during construction?  What will remain open / access needs during construction?
  • Existing infrastructure? 
  • New utility needs?
  • Construction budget?
  • Esthetics / landscape needs?
  • Construction schedule / timing needs?
  • Existing permits?

The answers to these questions can have an effort on budget and schedules.  The more thoroughly the project is thought through before beginning the design, the better the final project will fit into its surroundings, and a more realistic budget and schedule will be established.